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This is an extremely valuable service enabling our clients to define their project scope of work. Information is gathered, ideas are proposed, and costs are discussed. Objectives and goals are articulated, as well as the process being expressed with projected timelines and schedules.

Since the fundamental issues begin with a client's goals, our experience will often reveal alternative design solutions. The scale, the design and construction budgets, the physical and legal site considerations, regulatory permits and inspections, new construction vs. renovation of existing, materials and finishes, Universal Design considerations, applicable time parameters, construction procurement methods, and the benefits of retaining the architect during the construction phase are discussed and analysed.

Our consultation is intended to be an initial cost-effective opportunity to get started without the intimidating costs and daunting process of the formal design agreement.

Construction Management


Architectural Design

Established in 1981, Roy E. Colbert, Architect is a collaborative studio team committed to exceptional design and craftsmanship. This collaboration begins with the client and architect investigating the project program. Our collaborative team expands to include specific designers, artists, craftsmen and engineers who are focused on a common vision.

Our goal is to attain a timeless quality of permanence with a respect for tradition, yet adapting to the unique circumstances particular to each project. Our successful projects are result of continual reevaluation of constantly emerging challenges. We strive to rise above the stated program parameters and budget to create memorable places.

 Our religious, restaurant, retail commercial, and industrial projects allow us to explore and discover unexpected solutions to a project program. Often this open exploration leads directly to cost and time savings. It is strongly emphasized that the spaces within should not only not interfere, but enhance the dynamic human interactions of business.

Working with a client on a custom home is a truly intimate experience. We expect the quality of our residential work to evolve into an elegant metaphor of simplicity through the use of natural materials and craftsmanship. Each home becomes a celebration of a family's life and an enduring sense of place, while maintaining a sense of order. Here is where the unique characteristics of site, function, composition, scale, proportion and budget are balanced.



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