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Established in 1981, Roy E. Colbert Architecture is an independent architectural consulting firm located

in Ventura, California. 

Roy's work can be seen in California, Oregon, Hawaii and Mexico; throughout the years. His team strives to design buildings that enrich the lives of the people who use them - buildings that gracefully fulfill functional and technical expectations, yet appeal as fully to the senses as to the intellect.


Roy E. Colbert

Owner / Architect

Roy E. Colbert, Architect and principal attended the University of Houston College of Architecture, spent his fourth year design studio at the University of Texas, and received a Bachelor of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC). During 1975, Roy joined Carey Smoot in Ventura County, California at Envirotecture, a design-build group of craftsmen and artists. Later, after subsequently associating with Wilson, Stroh and Wilson, AIA, Roy E. Colbert, Architect was formed in 1981. The practice is located in Ventura, California.

Roy is also a licensed general contractor, a teacher, and he currently designs for and is a former board member of the Ventura County affiliate of Habitat for Humanity. In 2001, Roy and Carey Smoot were collaborators for SourceTropical in Hawai'i and throughout the South Pacific region.

While the practice of Roy E. Colbert, Architect is wholly owned, we have always worked in collaboration with other disciplines. This collaboration begins with the client and architect investigating the program. The collaboration then expands to include other designers, artists, craftsmen and engineers. Through this collaboration, the design process becomes a visionary investigation. Problems are resolved into innovative solutions. Unique characteristics of site and program are manifest into a special sense of place. Architecture demands a constant rediscovery as the essence and intrinsic nature of a project is brought into focus. Architecture must be affordable. The spaces must not interfere, but enhance dynamic human operations. We are now fully engaged in implementing sustainable and regenerative/re-use architecture that compels all of us to be totally involved.

Jessica Manos

Project Manager

While pursing her education and degrees in Architectural Design and Drafting, Jessica Manos secured a design position with various local Architects in Ventura, California. With exposure to all disciplines in Architecture that spans the gamut of design opportunities both large and small, Jessica has discovered her passion is primarily residential architecture.

Jessica finds joy in transforming the concept of a house into a home.  Collaborating with various people within the industry, in order to accomplish the ultimate goal of making a client’s dream reality; encapsulates the overall pleasure of providing dedicated and thoughtful service. Helping guide clients to understand the parameters of implementing cost saving “green” functionality, and doing her best to incorporate everything they want into their new home, while making it functional and complete with unique design features. This is the inspiration that keeps her passion thriving.

During her employment at Roy E. Colbert Architecture, Jessica has become involved with designing and expediting construction documents for the homes of Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County.  Not only has she become a part in the design of nearly every housing facility that Habitat for Humanity has completed since 2002, but Jessica is active in volunteering with fundraising and publicity events; broadening her view and knowledge base to all walks of life.

Her skills and years of experience in commercial architectural design have also lead her into restaurants, hair salons and other commercial jobs.  You can often find the personal touch of Jessica Manos on exclusive projects, which offer exceptional embracement of her clients ideas and needs.

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