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Jessica Manos' Projects

Residential Remodel
Santa Barbara, California

Originally built in 1952, this standard 1,200 sq. ft. house had every room sectioned off by doors.  Throughout the years a mudroom had been added onto the house and used as a makeshift laundry room.  A small room where mail and milk were to be delivered, was transformed into the laundry room, while the other areas where opened up.  The Kitchen space was transformed to what you see now.  During the process of the addition and remodeling, we kept the small antique characteristics from the 1950’s and added a little modern spin for cost and function.  New hardwood floors were woven into the existing original flooring, connecting the remodeled space and addition seamlessly. 


General Contractor - Thom Carroll


Ventura County, California

Major remodel of existing restaurant.  We opened up the floor plan allowing customers to eat at a Kitchen bar and added a full bar, fireplace and lounge.  The adjustments made in redesigning this restaurant warmed the atmosphere and allowed customers as well as staff to flow with ease.

Photos of before construction to come.

De Soto Salon & spa

Ventura, California

Located in a mixed use structure, this now salon over looks down town Venture and the coast line.  Keeping to simple straight lines, the client was able to do the work himself.  

With stained concrete floors and high ceilings, this space has been used to its fullest capacity; stylist stations, manicurists, massage room, esthetician room and a make over corner with a waiting area for clients and a break room for staff. along with storage space for supplies.


Habitat for Humanity 

Thousand Oaks, California

Designed for a family of 4, this two story residence is one of a kind.  The lot shape and size only allowed for so much structure, thankfully the design of the residence utilized the capacity of the allowed lot coverage.  The family is now moved in and enjoying their new 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home, with an open floor plan in the living space.

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